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Summer Rain (Chuva de Verão)

A group of friends meets again after one year apart, but this is not the vacation they were hoping for. With some such unsaid, tension keeps building until it has to explode.


Dir: António Mantas Moura

CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 00_43_46.42.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 00_52_16.63.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 00_34_33.04.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 01_08_09.44 #1.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 00_31_53.04.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 01_56_55.00.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 01_29_56.64.jpg
CDV_24_EN_HD_REC709_H265_2.0_20230417 01_18_30.58.jpg
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